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Serenity Therapy 

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Balanced Serenity Therapy PLLC

1290 S 500 W,  Suite 300

Woods Cross, UT 84010

"When you create Balance,

you find Serenity."

- Jessica Champlin, LCSW C-DBT

“We can be serene

even in the midst of calamities

And, by our serenity, make others more

tranquil… for Serenity is contagious.

– Sri S. (Swami) Satchidananda


Jessica Champlin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


It is my greatest joy to help clients soothe inner chaos and tantruming emotions, find peace and calm, learn to nurture themselves, access their true self, and create the life and relationships they long for. I find that with DBT, ACT, and Accelerated Resolution (a form of EMDR) therapies, balance can be found for every person. I will assign homework every session because I am *very* serious about helping you achieve the goals you want and have the life you want.

No matter the obstacles in your path-whether it be anxiety and panic, chronic perfectionism, depression, borderline personality disorder, intense emotions, self-harm, suicide, relationship distress or trauma... Balance, Serenity, Healing and Worthiness are all obtainable!

I am certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I also find that Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is extremely effective for my clients. 

My Mini Sheepadoodle Rosie (is a therapy dog-in-training) also loves people and will want to help everyone calm down anxiety and feel grounded by petting her soft hair. (She is very hypoallergenic, and on command will stay in her bed the whole time if dogs are not your 'thing'). 

I also love sloths, Nielsen's frozen custard (the lemon), Dr. Pepper Cream Soda, video games, nerdy fantasy books, my husband, and my toddler and my bonus-son.

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Pictures of My Office


       This is great for the following therapy goals:

  • learn how to handle stressful situations better

  • learn how to structure my spare-time more meaningfully (hobbies, cultural activities, etc.)

  • understand more clearly who I am, what I’ m capable of, and what I want out of life

  •  discuss plans or ideas regarding my future (personal, educational, or occupational)

  • clarify questions regarding the meaning of my life or my activities

  • clarify my needs and desires and learn how to express them more effectively

  • figure out what my limits are and how to act accordingly

  • learn how to make decisions more independently.

  •  improve my relationship with my partner, spouse, or significant other

  • improve my sex-life with my partner, spouse, or significant other

  • clarify or come to terms with expectations or feelings related to my partner, spouse, or significant other

  • learn how to be a better or more confident parent

  • change the way I act around my children

  • change my current family situation in some way

  • change my relationship with my parents (learn how to separate from them, deal with guilt feelings, feel less dependent on them, etc.)

  • improve or clarify my relationship with people I know (other than partner/significant other/spouse)

  • learn how to be more assertive with others and set appropriate boundaries

  •  learn how to handle other people’s reactions to my behavior (criticism, rejection, praise, etc.)

  • learn how to connect with other people (and how to maintain relationships)


This is great for the following therapy goals:

  • come to terms with an event or several events that have been unusually demanding or upsetting

  • learn to accept myself the way I am

  • gain self-confidence or become more self-assured

  • come to term with things that happened in the past

  • come to term with the loss of someone I loved

  • cope with specific problems related to work, school, or training

  • learn how to handle my weight problems

  • get help with sexual problems

  • improve my relationship with my partner

  • change my family situation in some way

  • change the way I act around my children 

  • change my relationship with my parents

  • come to terms with a separation from an ex-partner

  • learn to handle being alone

  • learn how to handle other people's reactions to my behavior 

  • learn how to become more intimate with others and trust others 

  • learn how to feel more comfortable with my body

  • allow myself to experience feelings and express them more effectively

  • learn to adjust overly high expectations I have for myself or others

Current 2022 DBT Groups:

Teen Experiential DBT Skills Group

  • Tuesdays,  4-5:20pm

Adult Experiential DBT Skills Group


  • Modules 1 & 2,  6pm-7:20pm

  • Modules 3 & 4, 7:30pm-8:50pm

Adult Online DBT Skills Group

  • Thursdays,  1:30-2:30pm            

DBT is great for the following therapy goals:

  • learn how to relax and take it easy

  • become calmer and more laid-back

  • cope with my negative thoughts, ruminations, or guilt

  • learn how to cope with my mood or mood swings

  • find a way out of my negative mood, sadness, or sense of inner emptiness

  •  learned how to stop physically hurting or injuring myself

  • overcome my suicidal thoughts or regain the desire to live

  •  learn how to master anxiety or panic attacks

  • learn how to be more assertive with others and set appropriate boundaries

  • figure out what my limits are and how to act accordingly

  • clarify my needs and desires and learn how to express them more effectively

  • allow myself to experience feelings and express them more effectively

  • learn how to deal with strong negative feelings (e.g., anger, rage)

   Still have questions? Click here:

Current DBT Skills Groups


Questions about DBT Groups?

What is DBT?

DBT stands for dialectical behavior therapy. The entire premise of DBT is to find balance between two of our opposite truths, called 'dialectics.' These opposite truths are called 'Emotion Mind' and 'Reason Mind.'


Emotion Mind and Reason Mind are equally important, valid, helpful and informative. But too often without our choice or awareness, intense emotions push into one of these dialectics, causing us to be unbalanced. When this happens, a huge 'swinging' will occur to compensate. However, swinging between both opposites creates chaos, imbalance, and uses a TON of energy. 

DBT can help anyone create balance, learn to listen to and honor and nurture both Reason Mind and Emotion Mind and thereby find serenity.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Enjoying Sunlight

What is A.R.T. Trauma Therapy?

Learn about Accelerated Resolution Therapy- the next wave of EMDR and P.T.S.D.---Trauma treatments here.

See what my clients say about me...

A, 39

“Jessica Champlain is a very knowledgeable and compassionate therapist! She is very unique in that she is able to understand her client's situations quickly, give sincere validation, and then provide problem solving-skills that produce change. She has been proficient in counseling our family individually as well as collectively with divorce, blended-family, and adoption issues, as well as trauma and ADHD issues. She cares about the well-being of her clients and provides honest, practical feedback. Her fun-loving and outgoing personality makes it easy for her clients to connect and feel comfortable. Without any reservations, I recommend Jessica 100%."

L, 30

"Starting therapy with Jessica was a life changing decision, in the best way. She listened, adjusted what we were doing in the moment to keep me comfortable, and helped me see and work toward an end goal that was attainable. With Jessica I changed into a version of myself I didn't think was possible."

E, 19

“Therapy with Jessica has been an overwhelmingly positive opportunity for self-improvement and self-reflection. She has helped me to work through many different aspects of my life, including anxiety and depression, relationship problems, and the challenges that come from being in a mixed family. I love her ability to asses my challenges in a light that I hadn't been able to imagine in order to get to the root of the issue. Her spunky and caring personality was always a treat that I looked forward to when I came to sessions every week.”

L, 28

"Jessica changed my life. I was at the lowest point in my life when I started going to therapy with her. She was so great at listening to me and validating what I was going through. She helped me gain the skills I needed to become more emotionally intelligent and deal with the stressors of life. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time thanks to her. Jessica is AMAZING!"

C, 35

"I participated in the DBT Skills Group taught by Jessica Champlin and found this group to be very effective and helpful! The workbook we use is something I have on hand whenever I want to go back and review emotional regulation skills. Jessica provides a safe space to share and also engage in. My experience with Jessica was completely positive and I know I walked away from this class with several tools in my pocket that I can use in my daily life!"

M, 37

“I loved the DBT group. Jessica does a great job of teaching the concepts and skills in a relatable way. I walked away with new knowledge and skills that have improved my life.”
Image by Patrick Fore

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