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How can DBT help me?

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Brochure about DBT & DBT Skills Groups!

Client's Review on DBT Groups:

"Jessica Champlin is one of the most skilled therapists I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the course of my near decade in therapy. She stays up-to-date on new science surrounding mental health, is energetic and passionate about her work, and creates safe, non-judgmental spaces for us to do group work. Her DBT groups are incredible! Jessica has taken 18 months of traditional DBT coursework and weekly group meetings and condensed them down to four. Four! With surgeon-like precision she has carefully crafted an attractive, accessible, and effective curriculum for her group clients. Let me tell you. Her brand of DBT has changed my life. 


Using skills from Jessica’s DBT groups has allowed me to access and apply the host of other skills I’d learned in college, with “Positive Parenting Solutions” coursework, and books like “Peaceful Parent, Happy Child,” and “No-Drama Discipline.” Me trying to use calm parenting skills before mastering Jessica Champlin’s brand of DBT was like trying to craft a delicate five course gourmet meal from a set of frequently erupting red-hot cookware. Only after mastering skills in Jessica’s groups have I been able to control the heat and consistently have wonderful parenting experiences with my children. 


After only halfway through the curricula my oldest child commented, “Wow mom, you’re like the calm parent now.” It’s been so exponentially transformative I WANTED to do Jessica’s group again. After completing her group twice, I can proudly say that I’m finally becoming the peaceful, calm, connected parent I always wanted to be."

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